The mission of the LNS Group is to imagine, design and provide solutions, accessories and services automating manufacturing worldwide. In order to achieve this the Group strives to be the global leading provider of One-Stop-Shop solutions for the machine tool industry. 

To succeed the Group is committed to providing the highest innovation of quality products and services with a customer focused culture that demands continuous improvement in all that is done.

This know-how is illustrated, in particular in bar feeding systems, cutting fluid management systems and the chip evacuation systems. From the start to the finish of the production cycle, the LNS Group optimizes the material flow.

LNS Group with over 800 employees distributes its products throughout the world.


With over 40 years of experience and proven performance, LNS is your single source supplier for engineered solutions support by over 800 employees worldwide who stand behind everything we sell.

Only LNS gives you this range of products along with the industry's most experienced applications and technical service staff. Only LNS can integrate and support all of these to maximize your productivity and ROI.